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Who I am

  • Standard Professional Elementary, K-8

  • Standard Professional Cross-Cat Special Ed, K-12

  • Structured English Immersion, PreK-12

  • First Aid

  • CPR Certified

  • Article 9

  • Habilitation 

  • LETRS - Volume 1 & 2

  • LiPS

  • Barton Reading and Spelling

  • TouchMath

Master of Science in Education

Childhood Education/Special Education

Long Island University - C.W. Post

Bachelor of Arts

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Hofstra University

Lauren Weber

I began my journey in 2005 as a Teacher’s Assistant in a self-contained special education classroom. I instantly knew this was something I wanted to make a career of once I got into the classroom. I believe a variety of approaches should be administered to every child to give them an opportunity for growth and improvement. I have been a special education teacher for the past fifteen years, specializing in both self-contained and inclusion environments. When I worked in the school system, in conjunction with providing students with specialized instruction, I also lead multidisciplinary evaluation meetings to establish special education eligibility.

I decided to start my own business after years of experience with working with students that needed specialized instruction and accommodations, both in my professional life and my personal life. In the school system, I was part of a team of professionals creating Individualized Education Plans for students, and often the team would recommend the student needed one hour of occupational therapy, one hour of speech therapy, one hour of reading, one hour of math, etc. I thought, “Is there a way to deliver everything these students need more effectively and efficiently? How could I weave aspects of all these therapies into my own comprehensive approach to individualized student instruction?”  What was clear to me throughout my years of teaching and raising my own children that when allowing extra time, providing understanding, and presenting the material in an individualized and meaningful way, all students can build the confidence and love for learning. Since I am trained in Structured Literacy and have taught reading programs such as The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program for reading, spelling and speech, Barton Reading Program, The Spalding Method, and Edmark Reading Program, I decided to combine my formal training and education with the entrepreneurial spirit that lives within me to start my own business dedicated to helping students learn on an individualized basis. 

Not only am I am an educator advocating for my students, but I am a mother to a son who I advocate for all the time who has dual diagnosis of albinism and autism. On my free time, I love hiking with my husband and two children, as well as, playing soccer on the Arizona Womens Soccer League on Sundays.


Because every child can learn! 

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