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Every cloud has a silver lining.

Silver Lining Literacy provides one-on-one specialized instruction from a mastered level special education teacher with a focus on reading, writing and math.

Silver Lining Literacy welcomes students enrolled in the Empowerment Scholarship Account Program


A multi-sensory approach to instruction

Auditory Visual Tactile Kinesthetic

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With a specialized approach to educating students with learning difference for 15 years, Silver Lining Literacy uses multi-sensory teaching techniques, evidence-based curriculums and specialized interventions to help students progress academically. 

Structured Literacy instruction is informed by the Science of Reading, which is the only proven way to ensure students can become proficient and confident readers across the curriculum.  Structured Literacy is an explicit, systematic and sequential way of teaching phonological awareness, word recognition, phonics, decoding and spelling.

Multi-sensory instruction can be broken down into four pathways; auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic. When a lesson utilizes all four learning pathways, it capitalizes on the strengths of the student. Some examples of multi-sensory techniques you will find students doing in my classroom include jumping on the mini-trampoline while reciting the math facts, practicing their phonemes by writing them in the sand, and using colorful window markers to write the vowel teams on the glass of the window. I love to get the most creative in the areas of reading and writing and using the interest of the student into my teaching. Some examples of interests that have been incorporated include Harry Potter, Pete the Cat, Minecraft and Disney. 



"Lauren is more than exceptional at helping students learn. She's a gift to all who are lucky enough to work with her. She has a keen understanding for how to meet the complex needs of any child, teen or young adult she works with, while inspiring with an infectious passion for teaching and supporting families. She has truly been an angel in my child's and family's life for the last 15 years and I know she will be one in yours."

Jeanine Marie Austin 
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